Angelo Cadet

In addition to being an actor and host, Angelo Cadet has worked in television, film, theatre, and communications for over 30 years. He is a seasoned multidisciplinary artist who has also received recognition as a designer, director, TV consultant, coach, artistic director for events, producer, and professor of TV journalism at Conservatoire Lassalle, where he was also director of studies in the fall of 2015. Cadet is a recipient of the prestigious Charles Biddle Award, and his rigour and generous approach to culture and the arts have been illustrated through his many achievements. His extensive volunteer work and social and community involvement have been recognized both by members of the artistic community from historically excluded groups and the general public. Cadet’s sensitivity regarding issues of equity and equality and his gift for written and oral communication make this lifelong pacifist and activist for justice the ideal candidate.

Photo Credits: Kétiana Bello