Vera Barrington

Vera Barrington is from Guyana and worked as a nurse in the country of her birth and the U.K., before immigrating to Canada. For more than 30 years, she has served as a nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, all while volunteering with the Council for Black Aging Community of Montreal. Barrington has been involved with the organization for nearly 40 years, has witnessed its birth, and is still watching it develop. Her attachment to the organization has continued to grow over the years. Her dynamic nature and commitment have earned her recognition from the organization’s members and board of directors. After three decades as a nurse, she is a very dedicated person who is always ready to help develop services for the organization’s members. For several years, Ms. Barrington has taken part in Black History Month celebrations at St. Mary’s Hospital Center. She is also a member of the Congress of Black Women.

Photo Credits: Kétiana Bello