Auvril Edwards

Auvril Edwards was born in Montserrat to mother Dorothy, a successful entrepreneur, and father Dr. Brunell Edwards, who had immigrated to Canada in 1958. She pursued her studies at Montreal’s Sir George Williams (now Concordia University), as well as Toronto’s George Brown College and Durham College. Auvril’s husband’s job as a civil engineer afforded her extensive opportunities for travel across Canada. While in different parts of the country, she zealously used her volunteer program at different charitable organizations to help those who were less fortunate. Despite the tragic loss of her only child to brain cancer when they were only 17 years old, Auvril’s determination to continue impacting lives exemplifies her resilience. Her unwavering leadership, and the progress she has achieved at LaSalle Multicultural Resource Center (LMRC), have established her as a champion of the community. She is the embodiment of professionalism and integrity, and fights against systemic racism in Quebec. Auvril is passionate about socioeconomic equity, justice, unity, the advancement of all people, and English-minority access to health, social, and educational services.

Photo Credits: Kétiana Bello